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My senior of the University, Mr.MASAYUKI HOSHI would hold Private Exhibition, this year!

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, it's over 10 hour pm in Tokyo.
At this time, I would like to inform about the small private exhibition of my senior friend at our university.
His name is Mr.MASAYUKI HOSHI, who is the ceramic artist of BIZEN burning, and would open his private exhibition at the gallery from yesterday to the 3rd of September in Tokyo.
Afetr 10 years, he would create "SOBA-ZARA", that's a good work to me.

Into the near future, I would introduce his works to you over the world, please wait with pleasure.
If you would like to know, and look at his work as BIZEN-YAKI, please let us know. I would send you a photo of his work at this time soon.

The character of his creative style is that he makes his works only 1 time a year. I like this prepparedness of his creative attitude,
Originally he was EDOKKO, the spirit may come out.

Anyway, I would be pleasured to drink a SAKE in his "CHOKO" with him into the near future.
As your guide, NAKAMARO NIJO.
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You know the proverb "fall of apetite", we would be prepared for op

I somewhat am hasty, because of not progress this "ORIGAMI-ser" smoothly.Then, I was preached that I should progress securely, because the Japanese culture which is done is spread in the world, I should have done slowly properly.

So, I would make a target to open in the autumn, because of the season of the culture, and the season when we enjoy the food.
As you know, Japanese food,Japanese style of taking dinner is by seeing at first,and after making the eye remember all kind of food, quantity to attach,
in the variety of colouful countersink the bowls,we enjoy all.

You know that the famous poem, "Aka aka ya akaakaakaya akaakaya akaakaakaya akaakaya tuk" by Myoukei Shounin, and another one "Tukidukini tuki miru tukiha ookaredo tuki miru tuki ha kono tuki no tuki" by composing human not knowing.
They're our proud poem, we call them "TANKA" or "WAKA"or "UTA", these poems could express our feelings, our natural thinking inserting to all kind of nature around us, for a long time.

I would introduce these "WAKA" and their composers to you, and if possible I would explain them. Please expect.
Next time, I would explain of above poems, to you.

As your cultural friend, NAKAMARO NIJO.

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Aim birds with one stone - interchange of international traditional craftsman art

When having been ashamed of the fact that it is the son of the craftsman, there is I, from my childhood for a long time.Many friends had their father as a businessman(?), anyway I have not looked that my father went to work doing the necktie, dressing stylishly the suit. As for a boyhood, there happened to my herat move by such a little reason.

Then a long time has passed since my boyhood, I would let "skill of craftsman" know widely all over the world, so I ask my mother company,"Data Garden Co., Ltd." to open this WEB site,"ORIGAMI-ser" like this.

Nowdays, as you can guess easily, as for the traditional craftsman aging, the successor has decreased any area over our country. It is serious problem, but step is not found simply. Because that when you say, why time being required for the fact that you raise the craftsman, it does not become charm in the young person.

And I thought then. Then it has seeing the skill of the Japanese craftsman in the person of the entire world, and make many peple buy those excellent products.

Now, I could make contacts with some craftsmen in a variety of firlds, I would let them introduce you by like talking a story according to the change of our four season, now summer, and autumn, into winter, next year into a spring....

I would make this "ORIGAMI-ser" succeed both in a business and in aspect of succession of traditional craftsman art.
Please wait for a moment.
As your guide, NAKAMARO NIJO.

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NAKAMARO NIJO is a son of proud "SHOKUNIN"father.

Hello! Ladies and Gentlemen, please have a good time in our "ORIGAMI-ser.com"
Today, I would tell you my shy story that I could never forget until my death. Listen to my sad story happened in my junior high school days.

My father who had mysterious parts in his life, anyway has been dead about 5years ago, at juste after his 91years old day.
He was a craftsman of bone china, not an artist, has worked only to make chinas, even in the field, he would be proud of drawing "Gold line" on bone china.

And also, almost of kindred of mothers, even a part of some persons are keeping their job still now chraftsmen for bone china in some places in Japan.

I haven't liked this job from a childhood, especially compared with an artist,craftsman for bone china, I thought a work of craftsman was not valuable, and their environment looked inferior to child,me.

Certainly, it has occured a kind of accident at the two grade of my junior high school.
That day, I forgot maybe lunch box to my school, at that time, my mother went into a hospital to recover her sickness, around her heart.
Anyway, I was called to go to the acceptance of gateway, a visitor has come.

That was my father, he has brought my lunch box with his old bicycle not a bus, even he dressed only rough wear not a suit with a tie.
I suddeenly felt a kind of "shame""shy", because of my school was private school, and I was a little popularity boy.
I was given a lunch box, but with silence.
"Who is he? Your father?" asked my friends.
But I could not answer any kind of honest word, "No, he is strange, he is a man of neighborhood."
Father with any comment, he kept smile and go home, with that old bicycle.

My proud "SHOKUNIN", our Japanese "craftsman" were like these persons just as my proud father.

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The meaning of "ORIGAMI-ser".

Hello! Ladies and gentlemen, this is NAKAMARO NIJO, as a manager of "ORIGAMI-ser.com", I would introduce Japanese classical style of "traditional and casual" in modern times, as usual.

Now, we would prepare some kind of scenes according to the chage of our four season in a year.

You would know our seasonable change, 4 times a year, every year for a long time.

You know we,Japanese have a long long history, more than 1600years, so our precursors would make out many kind of styles in our usual life.

Of course, nowadays many kind of their styles, tools classical products have been absorbed in a modern style. And, it's a splendid change for you and us in a boarderless world.

Culture, itself could keeped being succeeded in all the people that would be interested in it. And, at this time, this modern and classical style that I would suggest you, is our new CULTURE.
At last, I would explain a meaning of our site, "ORIGAMI-ser", that means a person to do ORIGAMI, to play by ORIGAMI, like a composer, or a carpenter. Also, in French, "ser"means a verb itself.
We call our site "ORIGAMI-ser".com such meaning.

I would always wait for all of you to feel interets in our Japanese classical and modern style.
ORIGAMI-ser=to please ORIGAMI,to taste ORIGAMI!!Manager:NAKAMARO NIJO.
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The introduction of our "ORIGAMI-ser.com"!

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I'm NAKAMARO NIJO,so as a manager of this traditional world,"ORIGAMI-ser.com" for all of you.

What could we offer to you all over the world? I thought about this point for a long haul and also seriously.

Now, we knew about it finally, then according to my thought, I would introduce our role and duty for our site.

Recently, our Japanese culture, especially a part of classical aspect would be interested in all of you over the world.
To understand speaking easily, at first, in the represent of "SUISHI" "TEMPURA" others, anyway "Japanese FOOD" is most popular.

I know this circumstance, but,BUT, would you know how true to eat, knowing the table setting before meal, I wondered.

This is no more than one sample, then, we would introduce our "Japanese classical style" living in our modern life, dividing into several sections to you!

Of course, we would sell our commodity of prejudice, by our proud of
"SHOKUNIN-SAN"s, or our selecting items to you.

This is our classical style world of "ORIGAMI-ser.com".
Into near future, we would show you some kind of scenes, and develop
our shop opening sale in our site.
We would wait for your coming, and please let us me your comment about your thought for Japanese classical style!
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